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Searching for Internships via LinkedIn

This is a step-by-step article on how to search for internships using LinkedIn. Note that this is most effective when applying during Winter and Spring Quarters.

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile.

  2. Click on the Jobs section in the navigation bar.

Top Bar

  1. In the searchbar, search for a variaton of the following: software internship, software engineering intern, software intern. Enter the location you desire to work at e.g. United States, California, Los Angeles, etc.


  1. Experiment with the search filters. Apply to as many companies as possible listed in LinkedIn.


  1. Final Advice: There will always be companies posting internship advertisements throughout the schook year. Do not give up! Apply for internships using this method during Spring Quarter too!

Note: This LinkedIn article will be moved to a separate Wiki Page in the future.

UAS Alumni

David Egen is currently an Aerospace engineering Master's student at UCLA and aspires to fly.