First 3D Print

A quick summary of First 3D Print

Your First 3D Printed Part

Creating 3D Printed pieces for the machines we build is very common, so today you will create the part and print it at UCLA Lux Lab.


You should have completed the SOLIDWORKS tutorial and the 3D printing tutorial.

Creating the part

Go into the UAS subversion and look under the Sandbox folder for the part called propeller. This is a cad model downloaded from GrabCAD (A fantastic resource). Open up the part and save it as an .STL file.

Once saved as an STL, go to UCLA Lux Lab website and fill out the 3D print request. Put the purpose as a small test propeller for a small drone and set the infil percent to 10% so that it is faster for them to print. Once you get the notification that the part is complete, pick it up from Powell library and pull off any extra support around the piece and bring it to the next meeting. Hopefully you succesfully created a new part for an imaginary drone!