<!-- TITLE: Development Operations --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Method to test every sub-system. --> # Description The devOps team on UAS@UCLA is designed to thoroughly screen all new improvements and advances made in the Controls, Ground, and Vision frameworks. This is to ensure that the drone is ready for flight and does not malfunction in mid-air. UAS@UCLA cannot afford to repair major crashes on the drone. During test flights, the devOps team will be logging and analyzing flight data. Additionally, the devOps team is responsible for developing all internal tools in order to ease deployment and quality assurance of the software products made by UAS@UCLA. # Training ## Deploying Software [Docker guide](/subsystems/testing/docker) ## Jenkins [Jenkins Tutorial](/subsystems/testing/jenkins) ## Developing Internal Tools See the `/path/to/suas2018/tools/` directory. # Test Flights [Test Flights](/subsystems/testing/flights) # Platforms and Libraries Used * [Jenkins Overview](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenkins_(software)) * [Jenkins with Machine Learning](http://blog.innodatalabs.com/automating-ml-training-with-jenkins-pipelines/)