<!-- TITLE: !!!NO_TITLE!!! --> ![Logo](/uploads/logo.png "Logo") # Welcome to the UAS@UCLA wiki! This is where our team stores all documentation, tutorials, projects, and general information for team members, AIAA, the UCLA community, and the general public. # New To UAS? Visit the [onboarding page](/fields/recruitment/onboarding) to read up on the club and hopefully answer any questions you may have. # Team Divisions Here are the overview documents for all the subteams on UAS@UCLA and the respective component that each team is developing. ## Technical Subteams Documentation for each of the five technical subteams * [Airframe](/subsystems/airframe/overview) * [Controls](/subsystems/controls/overview) * [Ground](/subsystems/ground/overview) * [Vision](/subsystems/vision/overview) ## Fields These are documentation folders for umbrella items that are used by more than one subteam. * Technical * [Software](/fields/software/overview) * [Mechanical](/fields/mechanical/overview) * [Workshops](/fields/workshops) * Nontechnical * [Sponsorship](/fields/sponsorship/overview) * [Outreach](/fields/outreach/overview) * [Recruitment](/fields/recruitment/overview) * [Media](/fields/media/overview) * [Careers and Alumni](/fields/careers/overview) * Competition * [2019 AUVSI Seafarer Competition Rules Overview](/fields/competition) # Internal Networking * [Team Website (uasatucla.org)](https://uasatucla.org) - Our public website * [Wiki](https://uasatucla.org/wiki) - Internal collection of educational resources and technical specifications * [Trello](https://trello.com/uasatucla) - Task tracking and deadlines * [Slack](http://uclauas.slack.com) - Announcements and message channels * [Google Group](https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/uasatucla) - Email list * [Google Drive](https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B6JNCVD7piaScVREVzNOR24xWlE) - File storage * [Google Calendar](https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=unmannedsystems.ucla%40gmail.com&ctz=America%2FLos_Angeles) - Events and club activities * [Github](https://github.com/uas-at-ucla/) - Code management * [Jenkins](https://uasatucla.org/jenkins) / [Travis CI](https://travis-ci.com/uas-at-ucla) - Continuous integration and testing frameworks If you are an active team member and would like to be added as a member to these tools, please refer to the [onboarding page](/recruitment/onboarding). # Other hands-on engineering student groups at UCLA Check out these other cool student groups on campus! * [AIAA at UCLA](http://aiaa.seas.ucla.edu/index.html) - The umbrella organization to UAS@UCLA, Rocket Project at UCLA, and Design-Build-Fly. AIAA at UCLA manages the resources shared between these projects, and offers outreach + networking opportunities for undergraduate Aerospace/Mechanical engineers on campus. * [Rocket Project at UCLA](http://rocketproject.seas.ucla.edu/) - Designs and tests industrial-grade rockets for accomplishing a variety of challenges involving fuel type, altitude goals, and recovery. * [Design Build Fly at UCLA](http://aiaa.seas.ucla.edu/projects.html) - Builds an airframe from scratch to accomplish various size, payload, and propulsion requirements set by the competition. * [Bruin Racing](https://www.bruinracing.com/) - Builds custom cars for various competitions, including Baja (all-terrain vehicles), Supermileage (all-electric vehicles), and Formula (Formula-style vehicles). * [ELFIN](https://elfin.igpp.ucla.edu/) - The Electron Losses and Fields Investigation team, which designs and builds cube satellites destined for real use in space (funded by NASA). * Have another UCLA project to list here? Use our [contact form to let us know!](http://contact.uasatucla.org/) # Any Questions? Reach out to our leadership team - we're always glad to help out! For team members: Slack and the leadership email are the best ways of getting a hold of us. For external members, please use the [contact form linked on the homepage of our team website](https://uasatucla.org/). ![Spinny Gif](/uploads/spinny-gif.gif "Spinny Gif") "To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home." *~Jerry Crawford*