<!-- TITLE: Careers and Alumni --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Career Guidance and Featured Alumni from UAS@UCLA --> # Career Guidance ## Searching for Internships via LinkedIn This is a step-by-step article on how to search for internships using LinkedIn. Note that this is most effective when applying during Winter and Spring Quarters. 1. Create a [LinkedIn profile](https://www.linkedin.com/). 2. Click on the **Jobs** section in the navigation bar. ![Top Bar](/uploads/careers/top-bar.png "Top Bar") 3. In the searchbar, search for a variaton of the following: *software internship*, *software engineering intern*, *software intern*. Enter the location you desire to work at *e.g. United States, California, Los Angeles, etc.* ![Searchbar](/uploads/careers/searchbar.png "Searchbar") 4. Experiment with the search filters. Apply to as many companies as possible listed in LinkedIn. ![Searchresults](/uploads/careers/searchresults.png "Searchresults") 5. **Final Advice:** There will always be companies posting internship advertisements throughout the schook year. Do not give up! Apply for internships using this method during Spring Quarter too! *Note: This LinkedIn article will be moved to a separate Wiki Page in the future.* # UAS Alumni David Egen is currently an Aerospace engineering Master's student at UCLA and aspires to fly.