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This is where our team stores all documentation, tutorials, projects, and general information for team members, AIAA, the UCLA community, and the general public.

New To UAS?

Visit the onboarding page to read up on the club and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Team Divisions

Here are the overview documents for all the subteams on UAS@UCLA and the respective component that each team is developing.

Technical Subteams

Documentation for each of the five technical subteams


These are documentation folders for umbrella items that are used by more than one subteam.

Internal Networking

If you are an active team member and would like to be added as a member to these tools, please refer to the onboarding page.

Other hands-on engineering student groups at UCLA

Check out these other cool student groups on campus!

  • AIAA at UCLA - The umbrella organization to UAS@UCLA, Rocket Project at UCLA, and Design-Build-Fly. AIAA at UCLA manages the resources shared between these projects, and offers outreach + networking opportunities for undergraduate Aerospace/Mechanical engineers on campus.
  • Rocket Project at UCLA - Designs and tests industrial-grade rockets for accomplishing a variety of challenges involving fuel type, altitude goals, and recovery.
  • Design Build Fly at UCLA - Builds an airframe from scratch to accomplish various size, payload, and propulsion requirements set by the competition.
  • Bruin Racing - Builds custom cars for various competitions, including Baja (all-terrain vehicles), Supermileage (all-electric vehicles), and Formula (Formula-style vehicles).
  • ELFIN - The Electron Losses and Fields Investigation team, which designs and builds cube satellites destined for real use in space (funded by NASA).
  • Have another UCLA project to list here? Use our contact form to let us know!

Any Questions?

Reach out to our leadership team - we're always glad to help out!

For team members: Slack and the leadership email are the best ways of getting a hold of us. For external members, please use the contact form linked on the homepage of our team website.

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