CAD Workshop

How to use SOLIDWORKS for Mechanical Design


In order to complete this workshop and its assignments, you must have access to SOLIDWORKS. Follow the tutorial below to set up a free SOLIDWORKS account to use the program in your browser. In a few weeks, we'll get you set up with a real account.


Workshop Materials

Most of the content covered in this workshop models our SOLIDWORKS Intro Tutorial. Please follow the tutorial if you need a refresher or you were unable to attend the workshop. The slides for the workshop can be found here.


In order to show us that you able to use CAD and contribute to the design teams, please complete the following assignments. We will be tracking progress on a spreadsheet.

  1. Setup MySOLIDWORKS with a Free Account
  2. Complete the Assignment found in the SOLIDWORKS Intro Tutorial and send the result to an airframe director.
  3. Get on the Subversion Server
  4. Complete the SOLIDWORKS Design and Integration Project (Subversion is required).
  5. Push a brainstorming design for your project to the Subversion.
  6. Get a license from an airframe director to install SOLIDWORKS on your local machine.

Congrats! You're ready to CAD some dope designs for this year.