2018: Spinny

Spinny is our current flight vehicle in active development. Designed for long flight time and high payload capacity, Spinny is capable of staying in the air for close to an hour while providing high payload carrying capacities for added flexibility during development. Software running on Spinny and the groundstation were custom designed to meet the specifications of the AUVSI SUAS competition. The groundstation sports a custom-designed interface optimized for performing the mission tasks during the competition with ease. In the backend, custom controls running on a Raspberry Pi on the drone itself navigate the drone through its current mission, taking direct control over the autopilot to allow for smooth flight and extensive control over the drone's movements. Overall, this drone was our team's attempt to implement a much more intensive design, with the ultimate end goal of boosting our own experience with unmanned aerial systems and putting together a precedent for high class design.

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2017: Flappy

Flappy was our first successful drone which we competed with at the AUVSI competition. It was a fixed winged drone, capable of automatic takeoff, autonomous survey flight, and simple vision processing. Owing to its simpliity, Flappy was also very reliable and managed to score well in the areas that its design was focused on -- placing 14th place out of 52 total teams that competed in the 2017 competition.

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