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Team Divisions

Here are the overview documents for all the subteams on UAS@UCLA and the respective component that each team is developing.




To follow a systems engineering approach to this project, team members are broken down into subsystem teams instead of by major. However, there are many parallels between these subteams depending on the engineering fields required to get the task done, so the following documents are here to track important information for these developers.

Internal Networking

  • Team Website ( - General team overview
  • Wiki - Internal collection of educational resources and technical specifications
  • Kanboard - Task tracking and deadlines
  • Slack - Announcements and message channels
  • Google Group - Manages the email list, Drive storage, and team calendar
  • Github / Travis CI - Code management
  • Subversion - shared project management and vesioning for CAD/training images/video editing

Important Events and Deadlines

Consult the team's Google calendar here for an extensive overview of all upcoming events and meetings. (WORKING PROGRESS)


  • First General Meeting
  • Socials
  • New member education program
  • Register for AUVSI competition


  • Purchasing round 1
  • Test flights
  • Purchasing round 2


  • Test flights
  • Proof of Flight Due
  • Documentation Due
  • Flight Logs Due
  • Hype Video Due
  • End of Year Celebration
  • 2019 AUVSI SUAS Competition